Boyfriend Vashikaran Mantra

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Boyfriend Vashikaran Mantra

Boyfriend vashikaran mantra is a method to get your ex boyfriend back in case if left you or gone somewhere due to another one or cheated you due to some reasons so by using the boyfriend vashikaran mantra you can get him back. Vashikaran mantra to get boyfriend back is a special kind of vashikaran technique that works over male person only but it should be used in serious condition and for true reasons only. To hurt someone or to fulfill selfish desires you should not use vashikaran like vidhi. If you really love boyfriend and want boyfriend back by vashikaran mantra so that can help you to get lost love back. 

There are so many different kind of vashikaran mantra for boyfriend available that work fast and in serious condition only.  Here giving you a working and real boyfriend vashikaran mantra that you can use in relationship and get lost boyfriend back by vashikaran mantra. Boyfriend vashikaran mantra or vashikaran mantra for boyfriend back in hindi should be started from any auspicious friday night. You need 11 crystal pieces, 11 black hakik stones, one rudraksh rosary and some yellow red and white fresh rose petals, some sandal wood original and fresh cow ghee and cotton buds., karpoor. Search panchang to get detail about sarwasiddhi yog or pushya nakchatra yog when it coming at friday in any month and from that day you should start the boyfriend back vashikaran mantra. At night after 11pm take bath and seat over red cloth and face north direction and light cow ghee lamp at front of you from the name of your boyfriend, keep a wooden piece at front of you covered from red cloth and and sprinkle some rose oil perfume and keep 11 black hakik stones at all around the wooden piece and under the black hakik made circle keep 11 crystal pieces and in center or crystal pieces keep the boyfriend photo because it is important to do the boyfriend vashikaran mantra using photo.

 Now touch the every hakik stone and every crystal stone step by step and say this mantra (Om Hraim Aaweshaye Aaweshaye Om Bhagwati Swaha Aawahayami Sthapayami Hoom Phat) after that do the pooja using rose petal and show incense stick and dhoop to the boyfriend photo and start the vashikaran mantra for boyfriend back using rudraksh rosary, total recite 11 rosary cycle per night for vidhi of boyfriend vashikaran in hindi, telugu, tamil and after that leave everything there as it is, do not move articles, now at every night repeat the same boyfriend vashikaran mantra vidhi using photo and rosary and tantra vidhi and in 21 days finish the mantra jap and after that pour all articles into pond or river. keep the photo under any heavy book, wear the rosary in neck and try to contact boyfriend, soon he will become favorable and situation will be normal and in favor.

|| Om Aiem Shreem Hreem Bhreem Bhallabha Yakshiniye Mum Priyantaamo Sheegrah Aakarshaye Aakarshaye Aagach Aagach Mum Priyataam His Name Vashyam Vashyam Kuru Kuru Mum Manokaamna Puraye Puraye Aiem Shreem Hreem Om Swaha ||

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